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Do you want to turn you business data into geospatial information and share it without worrying about investing in GIS, firewalls and the required internal expertise.

Cloud computing can offer many advantages to organisations looking to deploy information solutions without the need to invest in ICT platforms, support services and specific business applications.

Spatial Vision’s  Geospatial Cloud services can help you turn your business data into visual intelligence by leveraging Cloud GIS publishing services. Here are a few examples..

SV Cloud project examples Deaken University Reserach Projects

Spatial Vision can also help you understand the pros and cons of cloud-based services and develop an implementation road map.

Want to know more about GIS in the Cloud?

With 86% of Australian businesses now utilising cloud computing, it’s clear that this is not a passing fad. The question is "To what degree will Geographic Information System (GIS) technology follow this rapid transition to Cloud-based services?"

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    Cloud computing has significantly penetrated services such as accounting, retail, consumer banking, e-commerce, customer relationship management, fleet management, website development and hosting, email, backup and recovery, just to name a few ….

    There are already many GIS cloud platforms in the market place and this number is only going to increase, as will the variety of services on offer.

    To help comprehend the geospatial cloud services available and their relevance to Australian organisations, Spatial Vision conducted a national survey to determine organisational readiness to move to cloud-based services. The results of the survey contributed to research undertaken by Spatial Vision that was presented in the ‘GIS in the Cloud’ webinar.

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