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Wall Maps and Emergency Response

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cfa_wallmapsThe CFA currently manages 161 Divisional Command Centres (DCC) across Victoria.

As a  operation centre for local fire fighting efforts, these sites required an overview wall map showing the extent of their "patch" and neighbouring DCC's  that will assist in the planning for managing emergency responses by CFA.

Spatial Vision developed a seamless state-wide version of the current Vicmap book pages and augmented the maps with CFA and other Emergency service data to complement the fire fighting response nature of these maps.

Adjunct products included developing metal backed District wall maps and several maps for operational use in Fire Towers manned by CFA.

"Working on the CFA wall map project I found that the maps had to include all the specific symbology that was relevant and vital for what the CFA used the maps for. This to me was a valuable experience as I learnt that maps were tailored to the client’s needs. Having to check all the maps to make sure all the customised information was present was also a great experience."

Kate Holdsworth, 2012 graduate cadet

Spatial Vision's latest graduate cadet from RMIT, Kate Holdsworth assisted the project manager Phill King in the creation and distribution of over 260 of these maps.

 As a relative new comer to mapping in Victoria, Kate found out a great deal about the operational aspects of the CFA as well as requirements about Emergency Mapping. She also got to know many towns or localities she had previously not heard of.

Spatial Vision's wallmaps are based on the latest Vicmap Data. Spatial Vision can integrate a range of client information together with base map content that draws on its topographic map books to provide a customised solution.

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