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CFA Trialling New Digital Mapbook

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CFA have recently taken delivery of two trial iPAD devices loaded with the new digital version of the Spatial Vision Vicmap book product. The new product, titled “Mapscape - Emergency Victoria” will be trialled during the 2011/12 fire season by emergency service organisations, including CFA, DSE and SES.


Mapscape - Emergency Victoria will eventually complement Spatial Vision’s hardcopy Vicmap Book in supporting emergency service users with reliable, up to date and well presented base map information in a digital format that can be readily integrated into desktop, web and mobile mapping applications.


Mapscape - Emergency Victoria contains Victoria wide high quality cartographic map views optimised for emergency service use down to a map scale of 1:18 000, with more detailed mapping over built-up areas available down to a map scale of 1:4 500. This new digital product comprises up to eleven sets of seamless multi-scale raster image layers (not dissimilar in format to those used in Google maps).

Mapscape - Emergency Victoria will be trialled this summer in 3 formats: in the field using iPADS, in corporate GIS mapping systems, and using a dedicated website. Following the trial, the official “First Edition” of the the product will be released in mid 2012.

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