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Atlases for Scenario Planning for Melbourne’s Peri-urban region

A critical challenge facing large and growing metropolitan areas, like Melbourne, is the increasing pressure on rural land and surrounding communities. In order to address this challenge, planners require a better understanding of where future development pressures will be most pronounced and the associated impacts.

Spatial Vision, working in partnership with the RMIT School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, has developed a methodology for modeling peri-urban development pressures, as a central component of the Sustainable Planning for Melbourne’s Peri-urban Region research program.

By clicking through the provided atlas links (i.e. the “Next” buttons positioned in the bottom right of the interface), you will be provided a series of interactive atlases that present a selected summary of information which has been collated and derived as part of a this research program. The research was commissioned by the Peri-urban group of councils and funded by Sustainability Victoria through the Victorian Local Sustainability Accord.

The atlases are intended to serve a number of purposes: a) to present information that offers utility to the planning community and fosters an understanding of future policy requirements; and, b) to present a web application to engage the public in sustainable development.

The research has identified how and where increases in population (and development demand) are expected to have a number of impacts. Accordingly, this series of interactive atlases present land development factors and impacts, quantifying these geographically. Importantly, these define the magnitude of mitigation, i.e. development offsets, required to address the issues that will be emergent assuming future development within Melbourne’s peri-urban region occurs in a “business-as-usual” fashion.

For further information contact

Bill Fish
Regional Planning Program Manager

Ph : +61 3 9691 3047
Fax : +61 3 9691 3000

Email : Bill.Fish@spatialvision.com.au

A framework to explore urban development scenarios and impacts

Spatial and temporal differences between proposed scenarios can be explored

The framework allows both the where and the when of prospective development to be visualized

The framework allows impacts on peri-urban values to be quantified in time and space

Project commissioned by the peri-urban group of councils. Research led by RMIT University. Project funding by Sustainability Victoria